Does Subclassing Exhibit Intelligence?

The intelligence exhibited during subclassing is almost similar to that shown by smart classes. When a smart class is applied to an object, it is automatically subclassed. The following points are worth noting:

  • Child objects of a source object, when subclassed from another object, reflect the new properties in the children of the parent subclassed object.
  • When an object is subclassed from a property class, the properties in the property class are blindly inherited by the object. The point to be noted here is that Forms should be intelligent enough to ignore the inherited property and not mark it as inherited if it has the same value as the default value of that property in the subclassed object.
  • Only those smart classes corresponding to the given object type are displayed in the Smart Classes list when applying a smart class to an existing object, whereas any object that makes sense for the given object can be its subclass. For example, when applying a smart class for a block object, a Property Class Smart Class is not shown in the list even though applying a Property Class to a block makes sense. Whereas the same property class can be made a subclass for the block without using the smart class. This overrides the extra smartness of smart classes.

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