The Graphics Class

Graphics objects are the heart of GDI+. They are represented by the Graphics class, which defines methods and properties to draw and fill graphics objects. Whenever an application needs to draw or paint something, it has to use the Graphics object. Hence, understanding the Graphics class, its methods, and its properties is very important. We will use Graphics methods and properties in all the chapters that follow.

Specifically, in this chapter we will discuss the methods and properties of the Graphics class, and how to use them in real-world applications, including line charts, pie charts, and our GDI+Painter application. GDI+Painter is similar to the PaintBrush application, which allows you to draw simple graphics objects such as lines, rectangles, and circles and save the images as bitmaps.

GDI+: The Next-Generation Graphics Interface

Your First GDI+ Application

The Graphics Class

Working with Brushes and Pens

Colors, Fonts, and Text

Rectangles and Regions

Working with Images

Advanced Imaging

Advanced 2D Graphics



Developing GDI+ Web Applications

GDI+ Best Practices and Performance Techniques

GDI Interoperability

Miscellaneous GDI+ Examples

Appendix A. Exception Handling in .NET

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GDI+ Programming with C#
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