Section A.3. Understanding Exception Classes

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This appendix provided a working introduction to structured exception and error handling in .NET. We discussed various exception-related classes that are provided by the .NET Framework. We also discussed how error handling works in .NET and how to use try..catch blocks. In addition, we discussed the Exception class and its members, as well as other exception-related classes.

GDI+: The Next-Generation Graphics Interface

Your First GDI+ Application

The Graphics Class

Working with Brushes and Pens

Colors, Fonts, and Text

Rectangles and Regions

Working with Images

Advanced Imaging

Advanced 2D Graphics



Developing GDI+ Web Applications

GDI+ Best Practices and Performance Techniques

GDI Interoperability

Miscellaneous GDI+ Examples

Appendix A. Exception Handling in .NET

GDI+ Programming with C#
GDI+ Programming with C#
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