Accessing the Graphics Object

There are several ways an application can use the code from this chapter. It can execute code using the OnPaint method or Form_Paint event, or it can use code with a button or menu click event handler. If an application executes code with Form_Paint or OnPaint, you will need to include the following line at the beginning of the method.

Graphics g = e.Graphics;


If an application executes code from a button or menu click event handler or elsewhere, you will need to create a Graphics object using CreateGraphics or another method (see Chapter 3 for details) and call the Dispose method to dispose of objects when you're finished with them. The following code snippet gives an example:

Graphics g = this.CreateGraphics();


// Dispose of GDI+ objects



To test code from this chapter, we will create a Windows application with code written on the menu item click event handlers.

GDI+: The Next-Generation Graphics Interface

Your First GDI+ Application

The Graphics Class

Working with Brushes and Pens

Colors, Fonts, and Text

Rectangles and Regions

Working with Images

Advanced Imaging

Advanced 2D Graphics



Developing GDI+ Web Applications

GDI+ Best Practices and Performance Techniques

GDI Interoperability

Miscellaneous GDI+ Examples

Appendix A. Exception Handling in .NET

GDI+ Programming with C#
GDI+ Programming with C#
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