GUI Development


  • Standard Toolbar Implementation
  • Timers and Displaying a Clock
  • Special Tips for List Items
  • Ordering by Foreign Key Items in Forms
  • Querying by Nonbase Table Items
  • Tips for Standard GUI Practices and Forms Development
  • Summary

This chapter describes some of the tips and techniques in Forms application development. The power of Forms can be leveraged fully when one moves from GUI to "beyond GUI" ”that is, to GUI combined with programming. The tricks of the trade I explore in this chapter include quality-assured front ends such as implementing a standard toolbar, creating dynamic and floating toolbars , implementing timers, and displaying a clock. The chapter also provides special tips for list items, including simulating drill-down Lists of Values (LOVs), ordering by foreign key items, and implementing object-oriented methods in Forms. Finally, I'll present some tips for standard GUI practices. Wherever possible, code segments are provided to help you implement these techniques.

GUI Development

Advanced GUI Development: Developing Beyond GUI

Multi-form Applications

Advanced Forms Programming

Error-Message Handling

Object-oriented Methods in Forms

Intelligence in Forms

Additional Interesting Techniques

Working with Trees

Oracle 8 and 8i Features in Forms Developer

Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
Oracle Developer Forms Techniques
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