Preventing Validation of WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM for Control Items During Query Time

This section presents a simple technique for preventing the WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger from firing while querying when such a trigger is defined for control items. This technique is useful when non-base items are part of a record and validation of these items is to be suppressed at the time of querying the records.

For a base table item, a WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM will not fire during query mode. That's why you need a POST-QUERY trigger to populate any look-up items in the block that are based on the base table items.

For a control item, WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM will fire when it is populated by means of a POST-QUERY. To prevent this, the following technique can be used:





Alternatively, you can force the item to be valid by setting the ITEM_IS_VALID property to TRUE in the POST_QUERY :



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