Table of contents:

  • Widgets (Chapter 11)
  • Signals and slots (Section 9.3.3)
  • QProcess (Section 12.1)

The minimal MP3 player view has the following features:

  • Buttons: play, stop, next, and previous
  • Sliders: volume control and song progress
  • Label: to display "now playing" information

An example Mp3Player class based on Figure 25.7 is supplied to you. This particular implementation works by creating QProcess objects, running command-line programs, passing options, parsing the output, and displaying information based on it. It uses mpg321[3](for MP3 decoding) and alsaplayer[4](for volume control). You can reuse this class if you are using Linux.



Figure 25.7. Mp3Player


Write another Mp3Player-derived class, better suited to your own platform or personal needs. It can be based on or, two open-source libraries for playing media files. Alternately, you can write it as a plugin for an already existing media player, such as xmms or Winamp.


Write a front-end to this Mp3Player class that allows you to load songs, start/stop, change volume, and see the play progress advance in the slider.


Enhance Mp3Player and PlayerView so that you can change the position of the song playing by manipulating the song progress slider.

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MP3 Jukebox Assignments

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