The Qt Core Module

Qt 4 is a library consisting of smaller libraries, or modules. The most popular ones are

  • core including QObject, QThread, QFile, and so forth
  • gui all classes derived from QWidget, and some related classes
  • xml for parsing and serializing XML
  • sql for communicating with SQL databases
  • net for communicating data between hosts on specific protocols (http, tcp, udp)

Except for core, modules need to be "enabled" in qmake project files in order to be used. For example:

QT += xml # to use the xml module
QT += gui # to use QWidgets
QT += sql # to use SQL module

The following section will introduce some of the core library classes.

Part I: Introduction to C++ and Qt 4

C++ Introduction


Introduction to Qt



Inheritance and Polymorphism

Part II: Higher-Level Programming


Introduction to Design Patterns


Generics and Containers

Qt GUI Widgets


Validation and Regular Expressions

Parsing XML

Meta Objects, Properties, and Reflective Programming

More Design Patterns

Models and Views

Qt SQL Classes

Part III: C++ Language Reference

Types and Expressions

Scope and Storage Class

Statements and Control Structures

Memory Access

Chapter Summary

Inheritance in Detail

Miscellaneous Topics

Part IV: Programming Assignments

MP3 Jukebox Assignments

Part V: Appendices

MP3 Jukebox Assignments


MP3 Jukebox Assignments

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