Project 3B. Lab Supervisors

In Activities 3.5 through 3.10, you will edit a workbook created by Ram Singh, assistant director of the Information Technology Center at Lake Michigan City College. The workbook checks a monthly schedule to confirm that it meets a management guideline that indicates a computer lab supervisor cannot average more than eight hours a day in a month. Your completed worksheet will look similar to Figure 3.14.

Figure 3.14.

For Project 3B, you will need the following file:


You will save your workbook as


Objective 3 Use COUNTIF and IF Functions, and Apply Conditional Formatting

Windows XP

Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer

Computer Concepts

Word 2003

Chapter One. Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2003

Chapter Two. Formatting and Organizing Text

Chapter Three. Using Graphics and Tables

Chapter Four. Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

Excel 2003

Chapter One. Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Chapter Two. Designing Effective Worksheets

Chapter Three. Using Functions and Data Tables

Access 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

Chapter Two. Sort, Filter, and Query a Database

Chapter Three. Forms and Reports

Powerpoint 2003

Chapter One. Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

Chapter Two. Creating a Presentation

Chapter Three. Formatting a Presentation

Integrated Projects

Chapter One. Using Access Data with Other Office Applications

Chapter Two. Using Tables in Word and Excel

Chapter Three. Using Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

Chapter Four. Linking Data in Office Documents

Chapter Five. Creating Presentation Content from Office Documents

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