Objective 4. View and Edit a Presentation in Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter View displays all of the slides in your presentation in miniature. You can use Slide Sorter View to rearrange and delete slides, apply formatting to multiple slides, and to get an overall impression of your presentation.

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Activity 1.16. Selecting Multiple Slides

Selecting more than one slide is accomplished by clicking the first slide that you wish to select, pressing and holding down or , and then clicking another slide. Using allows you to select a group of slides that are adjacent (next to each other). Using allows you to select a group of slides that are nonadjacent (not next to each other). When multiple slides are selected, you can move or delete them as a group. These techniques can also be used when slide miniatures are displayed in the Slides tab.


If necessary, Open your file 1A_Expansion_Firstname_Lastname. At the lower left of your window, click the Slide Sorter View button to display the eight slides in your presentation from left to right.


Point to Slide 2, and then click the left mouse button to select it. Notice that an outline surrounds the slide indicating that it is selected.


Press and hold down , and then click Slide 4. Notice that slides 2 and 4 are selected.


Press and hold down , and then click Slide 6. Notice that slides 2, 4, and 6 are selected. See Figure 1.28.

Figure 1.28.


To deselect Slide 4 while leaving Slides 2 and 6 selected, press and hold down , and then click Slide 4.


Click Slide 3 without holding down .

This action deselects Slides 2 and 6, and only Slide 3 is selected.

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With Slide 3 still selected, press and hold down , and then click Slide 6.

Slides 3 through 6 are selected.


Click in the white area below the slides.

The selection is canceled and no slides are selected. Additionally, a large blinking insertion point displays after Slide 8. You can cancel the selection of all slides by clicking anywhere in the white area of the Slide Sorter window.

Activity 1.17. Moving and Deleting Slides in Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter View is convenient for deleting and moving slides because you can view a large number of slides at one time.


If necessary, display your presentation in Slide Sorter View by clicking the Slide Sorter View button . Click to select Slide 3.


While pointing to Slide 3, press and hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the slide to the left until the displayed vertical bar is positioned to the left of Slide 2. See Figure 1.29. Release the left mouse button.

Figure 1.29.

The slide with the chart becomes Slide 2.


Select Slide 4, press and hold down , and then click Slide 7. Make sure that only Slides 4 and 7 are selected, and then press to delete these two slides from the presentation.


Save the presentation file.

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