Key Terms and Concepts

aborting a process

advisory locking

alarm system call



consumer process

core image

creat system call

fcntl system call

file locking

flock structure

ignoring a signal


isatty library function

kill command

kill system call

link system call

lock file

lockf library call

mandatory locking

nohup command

pause library function


producer process

race condition

raise library function

real-time signals

shlock command

sigaction structure

sigaction system call

signal blocking

signal catcher

signal delivery

signal generation

signal system call


sigpending system call

sigprocmask system call

sigsuspend system call

sleep library function

stopping a process

unlink system call

Programs and Processes

Processing Environment

Using Processes

Primitive Communications


Message Queues


Shared Memory

Remote Procedure Calls



Appendix A. Using Linux Manual Pages

Appendix B. UNIX Error Messages

Appendix C. RPC Syntax Diagrams

Appendix D. Profiling Programs

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Interprocess Communication in Linux
Interprocess Communications in Linux: The Nooks and Crannies
ISBN: 0130460427
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Year: 2001
Pages: 136
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