Key Terms and Concepts

/proc filesystem



chdir system call

chmod system call

cmdline file

command-line values

cpu file

creation mask

cwd pointer

effective group ID (EGID)

effective user ID (EUID)


environ command

environ file

environment variable

fchdir system call

fchmod system call

fd subdirectory

file descriptor table

file permissions

getcwd library function

getenv library function

getgrgid system call

getopt library function

getpgid system call

getpid system call

getppid system call

getpwuid system call

getrlimit system call

init process


lstat system call

maps file

process group

process group ID (GID)

process ID (PID)

process leader

procinfo command

putenv library function

readlink system call

real group ID (GID)

real user ID (UID)

root pointer


set-group-ID (SGID)

setpgid system call

setrlimit system call

set-user-ID (SUID)


stat file

stat system call

statm file

status file

sysconf library function

system file table

system inode table

ulimit command

ulimit system call

umask command

umask system call

Programs and Processes

Processing Environment

Using Processes

Primitive Communications


Message Queues


Shared Memory

Remote Procedure Calls



Appendix A. Using Linux Manual Pages

Appendix B. UNIX Error Messages

Appendix C. RPC Syntax Diagrams

Appendix D. Profiling Programs

Interprocess Communication in Linux
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