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Although the preceding list of API calls might seem extensive, it pales in comparison to the number of wrapper macros, overridable callbacks, and other gems that can be found in the Zend Engine. Many of these wrapper macros have been covered in earlier chapters, such as the variable manipulating ZVAL_*() family, and the TSRM accessing *G() family. Spend some time looking through the source and other extensions and you're sure to find a few more hidden treasures.

In Appendix B, "PHPAPI," you'll round out the core API reference with a listing of functions found in the PHP core and throughout its extensions (standard, optional, and PECL).

The PHP Life Cycle

Variables from the Inside Out

Memory Management

Setting Up a Build Environment

Your First Extension

Returning Values

Accepting Parameters

Working with Arrays and HashTables

The Resource Data Type

PHP4 Objects

PHP5 Objects

Startup, Shutdown, and a Few Points in Between

INI Settings

Accessing Streams

Implementing Streams

Diverting the Stream

Configuration and Linking

Extension Generators

Setting Up a Host Environment

Advanced Embedding

Appendix A. A Zend API Reference

Appendix B. PHPAPI

Appendix C. Extending and Embedding Cookbook

Appendix D. Additional Resources

Extending and Embedding PHP
Extending and Embedding PHP
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