Array Manipulation

int array_init(zval *arg);

Initializes an array into the preallocated variable arg.

int add_assoc_null(zval *arg, char *key);
int add_assoc_bool(zval *arg, char *key, int val);
int add_assoc_long(zval *arg, char *key, long val);
int add_assoc_double(zval *arg, char *key, double val);
int add_assoc_resource(zval *arg, char *key, int val);
int add_assoc_string(zval *arg, char *key, char *val, int dup);
int add_assoc_stringl(zval *arg, char *key, char *val, uint len, int dup);
int add_assoc_zval(zval *arg, char *key, zval *val);
int add_index_null(zval *arg, ulong idx);
int add_index_bool(zval *arg, ulong idx, int val);
int add_index_long(zval *arg, ulong idx, long val);
int add_index_resource(zval *arg, ulong idx, int val);
int add_index_double(zval *arg, ulong idx, double val);
int add_index_string(zval *arg, ulong idx, char *val, int dup);
int add_index_stringl(zval *arg, ulong idx, char *val, uint len, int dup);
int add_index_zval(zval *arg, ulong index, zval *val);
int add_next_index_null(zval *arg);
int add_next_index_bool(zval *arg, int val);
int add_next_index_long(zval *arg, long val);
int add_next_index_resource(zval *arg, int val);
int add_next_index_double(zval *arg, double val);
int add_next_index_string(zval *arg, char *val, int dup);
int add_next_index_stringl(zval *arg, char *val, uint len, int dup);
int add_next_index_zval(zval *arg, zval *val);

Adds an element to an Array variable as a specific index, key location, or at the next successive index position.




Preinitialized Array zval to be extended.

index / key

Numeric or associative position in the array to place the new element.


Type-specific data to be wrapped in a zval (if necessary) and placed into the array's HashTable. Note that a raw zval's refcount is not automatically incremented by these functions.


String-specific length specifier.


String-specific duplication flag, if the passed string cannot be owned by the engine as-is.

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Advanced Embedding

Appendix A. A Zend API Reference

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Appendix D. Additional Resources

Extending and Embedding PHP
Extending and Embedding PHP
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