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Filters and contexts allow generic stream types to be modified without requiring direct code changes, or INI settings that would affect an entire request. Using the techniques covered in this chapter, you'll be able to make your own wrapper implementations more useful and alter the data produced by other wrappers as well.

As you move on, we'll be leaving the workings of the PHPAPI behind and returning to the mechanics of the PHP build system to produce more complicated extensions that link into other applications, but find easier ways to generate them using collections of tools to handle the tedious work.

The PHP Life Cycle

Variables from the Inside Out

Memory Management

Setting Up a Build Environment

Your First Extension

Returning Values

Accepting Parameters

Working with Arrays and HashTables

The Resource Data Type

PHP4 Objects

PHP5 Objects

Startup, Shutdown, and a Few Points in Between

INI Settings

Accessing Streams

Implementing Streams

Diverting the Stream

Configuration and Linking

Extension Generators

Setting Up a Host Environment

Advanced Embedding

Appendix A. A Zend API Reference

Appendix B. PHPAPI

Appendix C. Extending and Embedding Cookbook

Appendix D. Additional Resources

Extending and Embedding PHP
Extending and Embedding PHP
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