I.1. Resources


This site contains information about the history and development of C++ as well as tutorials, documentation, reference material, source code and forums.


The C++ Coding Standard site examines the C++ standard and the standardizing process. The site includes such topics as standards enforcement, formatting, portability and documentation and offers links to additional C++ Web resources.


The C++ Style and Technique FAQ by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of the language, provides answers to common questions about C++.


Help-site.com provides links to C++ resources on the Web, including tutorials and a C++ FAQ.


This reference site discusses topics such as object-oriented design and writing robust code. The site provides introductions to C++ language topics, including keyword static, data type bool, namespaces, the Standard Template Library and memory allocation.


This site provides links to articles, tutorials, development tools, an extensive collection of free C++ libraries and source code.


The C/C++ Users Group (CUG) site contains C++ resources, journals, shareware and freeware.


DevX is a comprehensive resource for programmers that provides the latest news, tools and techniques for various programming languages. The C++ Zone offers tips, discussion forums, technical help and online newsletters.


This site contains interactive tutorials, quizzes, articles, journals, compiler downloads, book recommendations and free source code.


The Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) site offers a comprehensive listing of C++ resources, including recommended texts, journals and magazines, published standards, newsletters, FAQs and newsgroups.


Comeau Computing's site links to technical discussions, FAQs (including one devoted to templates), user groups, newsgroups and an online C++ compiler.


The site provides a document that summarizes the technical aspects of C++. The site also discusses the differences between Java and C++.


The Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU) site contains links to C++ tutorials, articles, developer information, discussions and book reviews.


The C/C++ User's Journal is an online magazine that contains articles, tutorials and downloads. The site features news about C++, forums and links to information about development tools.


Google's C++ resources directory ranks the most useful C++ sites.


This site provides links to C++ FAQs, newsgroups and magazines.


This site contains book reviews and recommendations for introductory, intermediate and advanced C++ programmers and links to online C++ resources, including books, magazines and tutorials.


This site divides links into categories, including Resources and Directories, Projects and Working Groups, Libraries, Training, Tutorials, Publications and Coding Conventions.


Articles, code snippets, user discussions, books and news about C++, C# and .NET programming are available at this site.


Quadralay Corporation's site links to numerous C++ resources, including Visual C++/MFC Libraries, C++ programming information, C++ career resources and a list of tutorials and other online tools for learning C++.


Links to the ANSI/ISO C++ Standard and the comp.std.c++ Usenet group are available at this site.


This is the home page for Bjarne Stroustrup, designer of the C++ programming language. This site provides a list of C++ resources, FAQs and other useful C++ information.

Introduction to Computers, the Internet and World Wide Web

Introduction to C++ Programming

Introduction to Classes and Objects

Control Statements: Part 1

Control Statements: Part 2

Functions and an Introduction to Recursion

Arrays and Vectors

Pointers and Pointer-Based Strings

Classes: A Deeper Look, Part 1

Classes: A Deeper Look, Part 2

Operator Overloading; String and Array Objects

Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance

Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism


Stream Input/Output

Exception Handling

File Processing

Class string and String Stream Processing

Web Programming

Searching and Sorting

Data Structures

Bits, Characters, C-Strings and structs

Standard Template Library (STL)

Other Topics

Appendix A. Operator Precedence and Associativity Chart

Appendix B. ASCII Character Set

Appendix C. Fundamental Types

Appendix D. Number Systems

Appendix E. C Legacy Code Topics

Appendix F. Preprocessor

Appendix G. ATM Case Study Code

Appendix H. UML 2: Additional Diagram Types

Appendix I. C++ Internet and Web Resources

Appendix J. Introduction to XHTML

Appendix K. XHTML Special Characters

Appendix L. Using the Visual Studio .NET Debugger

Appendix M. Using the GNU C++ Debugger


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