A.1. Operator Precedence

Operators are shown in decreasing order of precedence from top to bottom (Fig. A.1).

Figure A.1. Operator precedence and associativity chart.

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binary scope resolution

left to right


unary scope resolution




left to right


array subscript



member selection via object



member selection via pointer



unary postfix increment



unary postfix decrement



runtime type information


dynamic_cast < type >

runtime type-checked cast


static_cast< type >

compile-time type-checked cast


reinterpret_cast< type >

cast for nonstandard conversions


const_cast< type >

cast away const-ness



unary prefix increment

right to left


unary prefix decrement



unary plus



unary minus



unary logical negation



unary bitwise complement



determine size in bytes









dynamic memory allocation



dynamic array allocation



dynamic memory deallocation



dynamic array deallocation


( type )

C-style unary cast

right to left


pointer to member via object

left to right


pointer to member via pointer




left to right









left to right





bitwise left shift

left to right


bitwise right shift



relational less than

left to right


relational less than or equal to



relational greater than



relational greater than or equal to



relational is equal to

left to right


relational is not equal to



bitwise AND

left to right


bitwise exclusive OR

left to right


bitwise inclusive OR

left to right


logical AND

left to right


logical OR

left to right


ternary conditional

right to left



right to left


addition assignment



subtraction assignment



multiplication assignment



division assignment



modulus assignment



bitwise AND assignment



bitwise exclusive OR assignment



bitwise inclusive OR assignment



bitwise left-shift assignment



bitwise right-shift assignment




left to right

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