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Pop-up Window Issues on a Windows PC

Pop-up windows don't appear in front of the current window when the current window is maximized.

On the Windows platform, when a window is maximized to fill the application window, no other windows can also be visible on the screen. That is, only a single window can be maximized, and it must be the foreground window. This means that if you try to pop up a window in front of a maximized window, the background window cannot remain maximized. It instead reverts to its reduced state.

If you plan to build a user interface that makes use of multiple windows, be aware of this potential pitfall. It would be better in such cases to never have any windows maximized, even though this means you have to work within a reduced space. Users may still manually maximize a window, so test your routines thoroughly to see what effect this action would have. You'll likely need to add some control routines to your navigation scripts like Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] to get the windows back to the size at which you intend them to be viewed.

Creating New Windows Loses My Found Sets

Whenever I create a new window, all the found sets of the nonvisible layouts are reset to show all records. What causes this behavior?

When a new window is created, either manually from the Window, New Window menu command or via script, it inherits many characteristics of the currently active window. Specifically, it keeps the same size (except when opened via script and specified otherwise), active layout, found set, sort order, and active record. To all appearances, it's as if it's an exact duplicate of the currently active window.

In fact, only the settings of the active layout are retained when a new window is created. All layouts that are not visible (except those tied to the same table occurrence as the active layout) lose any sense of the found set, active record, and sort order. All records are displayed, unsorted, and the first record in the table is the active record.

Part I: Getting Started with FileMaker 8

FileMaker Overview

Using FileMaker Pro

Defining and Working with Fields

Working with Layouts

Part II: Developing Solutions with FileMaker

Relational Database Design

Working with Multiple Tables

Working with Relationships

Getting Started with Calculations

Getting Started with Scripting

Getting Started with Reporting

Part III: Developer Techniques

Developing for Multiuser Deployment

Implementing Security

Advanced Interface Techniques

Advanced Calculation Techniques

Advanced Scripting Techniques

Advanced Portal Techniques

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Converting Systems from Previous Versions of FileMaker Pro

Part IV: Data Integration and Publishing

Importing Data into FileMaker Pro

Exporting Data from FileMaker

Instant Web Publishing

FileMaker and Web Services

Custom Web Publishing

Part V: Deploying a FileMaker Solution

Deploying and Extending FileMaker

FileMaker Server and Server Advanced

FileMaker Mobile

Documenting Your FileMaker Solutions

Using FileMaker 8
Special Edition Using FileMaker 8
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