Monitoring FileMaker Server


Trouble with LDAP

I think I configured my Active Directory server correctly, but when I try to use the SAT to register a server there, I get an error message reading "insufficient access privileges" in the server event log.

There are several possible reasons for this. Its possible that youve specified an incorrect username or password in the Directory Services tab of the SAT. When connecting to Active Directory, make sure that the username is in the form @server, and make sure to verify the password as well.

Its also possible that youve delegated insufficient privileges over the organization unit you created. You shouldn run into this problem if you grant your chosen user full access over the OU.

I tried to register with an with an LDAP server running Active Directory but I got a "Server Down" message in my FileMaker Server event log.

This indicates that connection to the server has failed for some reason. First verify that you have the correct server name. Next, verify that you know on what port the directory service is running389 is the default port for LDAP, but a server administrator can change the port. If the server name and port are configured correctly in the Directory Service tab of the SAT, make sure that any and all intervening firewalls are configured to pass traffic on the correct directory service port.

Problems with Auto Update

I tried to get Auto Update working but I just can seem to get it right.

There are quite a few steps to getting Auto Update to work successfully. For more information, check the supplied documentationtheres a document that deals specifically with Auto Update. The sample files on the disc for this book also include a file that demonstrates Auto Update logic.

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