Managing Databases

The Databases area of the SAT is somewhat similar to the Clients area. Here, you can see a list of all open databases, grouped by directory if you so choose. (On Windows, choose the Files node within the Databases area to see files without directory groupings; on the Mac OS, choose Action, Database, Hide Folders.) See Figure 25.7 for a look at the database monitoring area on Windows. By (Control-clicking) [right-clicking] a database in the list, or selecting a database in the list and then choosing an option from the Action menu, you can open a closed database (making it available to clients). You may also close or pause an open database. The Pause option does not fully close the database (which would forcibly disconnect any users who might be connected to the database), but it does prevent the database from being read or written to until the Resume command is given for that database. The Pause command also synchronizes the database cache, rendering the database file consistent on disk so that it can be backed up.

Figure 25.7. Use the database monitoring area to inspect hosted databases.

When working with databases in the SAT, you also have the option to close, open, pause, or resume all databases at once.

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