What Is Advanced Scripting?

Chapter 9, "Getting Started with Scripting," presented an introduction to FileMaker Pro scripting techniques. It covered such topics as error trapping, linking scripts together via subscripts, conditional branching, looping scripts, and using custom dialogs. These are all essential scripting techniques you should become familiar with.

This chapter explores several additional scripting techniques, including working with script variables, script input/output techniques, and managing windows. Although we think that everyone can potentially benefit from learning these techniques, they do require a solid familiarity with general scripting techniques, calculation formulas, and the Relationships Graph. For this reason, we have opted to present these as advanced scripting techniques.

This chapter does not present a comprehensive overview of scripting techniques. Indeed, such an overview could require an entire book of its own. Rather, we have chosen techniques that highlight new features of FileMaker 8 and that we think will have the broadest appeal. This book's companion volume, FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference, contains a comprehensive listing of script steps, along with notes and examples; refer to that source for additional information about script steps used throughout this chapter.

Script Parameters and Script Results

Part I: Getting Started with FileMaker 8

FileMaker Overview

Using FileMaker Pro

Defining and Working with Fields

Working with Layouts

Part II: Developing Solutions with FileMaker

Relational Database Design

Working with Multiple Tables

Working with Relationships

Getting Started with Calculations

Getting Started with Scripting

Getting Started with Reporting

Part III: Developer Techniques

Developing for Multiuser Deployment

Implementing Security

Advanced Interface Techniques

Advanced Calculation Techniques

Advanced Scripting Techniques

Advanced Portal Techniques

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Converting Systems from Previous Versions of FileMaker Pro

Part IV: Data Integration and Publishing

Importing Data into FileMaker Pro

Exporting Data from FileMaker

Instant Web Publishing

FileMaker and Web Services

Custom Web Publishing

Part V: Deploying a FileMaker Solution

Deploying and Extending FileMaker

FileMaker Server and Server Advanced

FileMaker Mobile

Documenting Your FileMaker Solutions

Using FileMaker 8
Special Edition Using FileMaker 8
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