Troubleshooting CDR Data Generation and Storage

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Two record types are included in CDR data:

  • CDRsContain information needed to create billing records
  • CMRsContain information that can be used to evaluate the QoS for a given call

Together, CDRs and CMRs can be used for tracking call activity, diagnosing certain types of problems, and evaluating the QoS of calls through the system. Both records are stored in a central SQL database in separate tables.

With CallManager release 4.1, device names and other important information is now available directly from the CDR data and no longer requires additional external processes to obtain this information.

Calls such as transfers and conference calls produce a set of records that must be identified and processed as a set to properly bill for the calls. Extensive field data information and examples have been provided in the hope of being useful in the development of billing packages, call activity tracking, and other reporting tools.

With this information, you should have a good understanding of the CDR facilities that CallManager provides and be able to manage and control those facilities, obtain access to CDR data, and process the CDR data.

Cisco CallManager Architecture

Call Routing

Station Devices

Trunk Devices

Media Processing

Manageability and Monitoring

Call Detail Records

Appendix A. Feature List

Appendix B. Cisco Integrated Solutions

Appendix C. Protocol Details


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