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This chapter has covered all aspects of call routing in CallManager. It has discussed route patterns and route filters, CallManager's fundamental call routing concept.

From discussing route patterns, it moved on to dialing transformations, the means by which you effect the calling and called numbers that CallManager presents as part of offering calls.

Translation patterns provide a way to alias other route patterns. This powerful tool provides you with the opportunity to modify the calling and called numbers and select new destinations based on the resulting digits.

Route lists and route groups allow you to set up search patterns across your enterprise's gateways to ensure that you fully utilize the most cost-efficient gateways in your enterprise.

The sections about calling search spaces and partitions discussed a mechanism by which you can customize routing on a user-by-user basis. Using calling search spaces and partitions, you can route calls by the type or geographic location of the calling user.

Several case studies and miscellaneous examples described how all of the call routing fundamental concepts work together to solve complex problems. Although none of the case studies represents a complete solution to the most complex enterprises, by studying the approaches these examples described, you can apply the proposed solutions to your enterprise's specific problems.

One section of this chapter discussed CallManager's treatment of the North American numbering plan and described how you can replace it if you so choose, although this task is not for the meek.

Finally, a troubleshooting section summarized common problems that administrators encounter with CallManager's call routing capabilities and proposed solutions.

Cisco CallManager Architecture

Call Routing

Station Devices

Trunk Devices

Media Processing

Manageability and Monitoring

Call Detail Records

Appendix A. Feature List

Appendix B. Cisco Integrated Solutions

Appendix C. Protocol Details


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