Citrix/Terminal Services

As discussed previously, the connection between FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro clients is network intensive. Users outside your local area network may not find client/server performance to be satisfactory for their needs.

One solution to the remote user deployment dilemma is to use remote access software, such as Citrix and Terminal Services. The hardware and software licensing costs for such a solution are not inconsequential, but neither are the performance benefits it provides. Remote users establish a network connection to the Citrix/Terminal Services server, which in turn opens a FileMaker Pro client connection to FileMaker Server. The only data flowing between the remote user and the Citrix server are screen refresh information, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. Because the Citrix server and the FileMaker Server are located on the same local area network, the client performance is outstanding.


There are several less expensive remote access options you may want to consider, including Timbuktu, PCAnywhere, and These don offer all the features of Citrix/Terminal Services, such as local printer mapping, nor do they allow for multiple concurrent remote connections. On a budget, though, or for the occasional remote access need, these are excellent tools.

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