Using an IWP Solution


Problems Ending IWP Sessions

FileMaker Pro thinks that there are active IWP sessions, but I know that all the users have closed their browsers.

Closing the browser window or quitting the browser application does not end a session, so be sure to train your users to click the Log Out button (or an equivalent button that you provide). One of the problems you could run into is that an IWP user might quit his browser but still have a record lock. Until the session times out, no other user can modify that record.

If you experience this problem, try reducing the session timeout setting to something like five minutes.

Logging in to an IWP-Enabled Database

I keep trying to log in to a file from the IWP home page, but I can get past the prompt for a username and password.

IWPs new forms-based login will let you know if youve tried to log in with a bad username/password combination. Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive and that IWP users must belong to a privilege set that has the fmiwp extended privilege enabled.

A related problem is the error message that users see if their accounts have been set to require a password change on the next login. If a user ever mentions seeing a dialog box saying Password Has Expired when trying to log in to an IWP database, this is almost invariably the problem.

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