Installing FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server consists of several components. When you install the product, you may choose to install the FileMaker Server software, the Server Administration Tool (SAT), or both. You may install either component without the other: FileMaker Server can run on a machine that does not have the SAT installed, and the SAT can be used to administer multiple instances of FileMaker Server, none of which needs to be installed on the same machine as the SAT.

The installation process is straightforward and is well covered by the supplied documentation and by the installer screens. On Windows, all installed files, both FileMaker Server itself and the SAT, are installed in a directory called Program FilesFileMakerFileMakerServer. On the Mac OS, the FileMaker Server components are installed in /Library/FileMaker Server, and the SAT and documentation are installed in /Applications/FileMaker Server 8. The default install location can be changed on Windows, but not on the Mac OS.

Part I: Getting Started with FileMaker 8

FileMaker Overview

Using FileMaker Pro

Defining and Working with Fields

Working with Layouts

Part II: Developing Solutions with FileMaker

Relational Database Design

Working with Multiple Tables

Working with Relationships

Getting Started with Calculations

Getting Started with Scripting

Getting Started with Reporting

Part III: Developer Techniques

Developing for Multiuser Deployment

Implementing Security

Advanced Interface Techniques

Advanced Calculation Techniques

Advanced Scripting Techniques

Advanced Portal Techniques

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Converting Systems from Previous Versions of FileMaker Pro

Part IV: Data Integration and Publishing

Importing Data into FileMaker Pro

Exporting Data from FileMaker

Instant Web Publishing

FileMaker and Web Services

Custom Web Publishing

Part V: Deploying a FileMaker Solution

Deploying and Extending FileMaker

FileMaker Server and Server Advanced

FileMaker Mobile

Documenting Your FileMaker Solutions

Using FileMaker 8
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