Monitoring JMS

The Administration Console lets you monitor just about everything: JMS servers, connections, pooled connections, destinations, messages producers and consumers, session pools, and durable subscribers. To monitor JMS servers, destinations, or pools, choose a JMS server from the left pane of the Administration Console and select the appropriate option from the Monitoring tab. The statistics gathered for each JMS server include the number of connections to a JMS server, the number of pending and received messages on all of its destinations, and so on. The JMS connection statistics provide a breakdown of these figures for a particular connection. This also includes important figures, such as the total number of messages stored in the destination, the number of bytes stored in the destination, the number of consumers, and the time since the threshold was last set. These figures are invaluable for tuning the threshold and quota mechanism. To monitor the number of JMS connections on a server, select the server in the left pane of the Administration Console and navigate to the Monitoring/JMS node. This same tab provides a link to monitoring all pooled JMS connections.


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