Monitoring Connections

You can use the Administration Console to monitor the status of connections obtained via the resource adapter. Select Deployments/Connector Modules from the left pane of the Administration Console, and then select the Monitoring tab. This displays a list of all deployed resource adapters, together with their monitoring statistics.

For each resource adapter, you can view the number of active connections, the number of connections that have been created, the number of idle connections, and the number of connection leaks. You also can click some of the figures to view further details. For example, if you select the number of connections displayed below the Connections column, you can view the status of all active connections. If you also have enabled connection profiling on the resource adapter, then Connection Idle Profiles lets you view the profile of all idle connections, and Connection Leaked Connections lets you view the profile of all leaked connections. In both of these cases, the Administration Console provides a "delete" button that allows you to manually close the connection, provided WebLogic deems that it is safe to do so. In other words, the "delete" operation is allowed only if the connection has exceeded its maximum idle time limit and is not participating in any transaction.


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