When to Use JavaScript

Now that developers have all these great choices of languages in which to build applications in Domino, the big questions are "What language do I use, when do I use it, and what for?" These are not easy questions to answer. Here are some guidelines that will help you in answering those questions when it comes to JavaScript and LotusScript.

JavaScript Versus LotusScript

When to use what language is a question of expertise. It's when to know how to apply the right technique for the appropriate program. Table 16.1 serves as a guideline to help you discern which language is most likely right for the job.

Table 16.1. JavaScript Versus LotusScript

What Language What For When Used
JavaScript Notes and Web development Notes and interactive apps for the Web
@Formulas Notes development Notes, Notes agents, and agents for the Web
LotusScript Notes development Notes, Notes agents, and agents for the Web

Another way to look at this would be to use the following criteria.

Use JavaScript if you are

  • Acting as a Web developer
  • Creating Web-only applications
  • Creating an application that will be used both on the Web and in Notes
  • Needing to access Java applets

Use LotusScript if you are

  • Acting as a Visual Basic developer
  • Creating Notes-only applications
  • Needing to access OLE

There really isn't any rule of thumb, per se, other than your own good judgment. Often developers find themselves mixing languages in an application, tapping into the strengths of each for the best possible outcomes more often than you think.

Part I. Introduction to Release 6

Whats New in Release 6?

The Release 6 Object Store

The Integrated Development Environment

Part II. Foundations of Application Design

Forms Design

Advanced Form Design

Designing Views

Using Shared Resources in Domino Applications

Using the Page Designer

Creating Outlines

Adding Framesets to Domino Applications

Automating Your Application with Agents

Part III. Programming Domino Applications

Using the Formula Language

Real-World Examples Using the Formula Language

Writing LotusScript for Domino Applications

Real-World LotusScript Examples

Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

Real-World JavaScript Examples

Writing Java for Domino Applications

Real-World Java Examples

Enhancing Domino Applications for the Web

Part IV. Advanced Design Topics

Accessing Data with XML

Accessing Data with DECS and DCRs

Security and Domino Applications

Creating Workflow Applications

Analyzing Domino Applications

Part V. Appendices

Appendix A. HTML Reference

Appendix B. Domino URL Reference

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