Whats New in Domino Designer?

What s New in Domino Designer?

Domino Designer was introduced in R5 as a separate client devoted to designing applications. Domino Designer provides the capability to create, modify, test, and preview applications. Its purpose is to provide an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a place for all code to be entered and tested . The IDE is covered in Chapter 3, "The Integrated Development Environment."

Most of the new features in Release 6 are for development itself, but there are a few enhancements to the IDE, including the following:

  • Design elements can be expanded and collapsed directly in the Design pane by clicking the embedded plus/minus symbols.
  • Design elements can be scrolled in the Design pane when multiple design objects exist that won't fit in the display.
  • The Tools menu is customizable.
  • A new Print Source window prints script from the Programmer's pane.
  • Multiple design elements can be updated or locked in the Work pane of Domino Designer.
  • Individual design elements can be locked, preventing others from modifying the elements.
  • Autocomplete for functions occurs as you type in the Script area of the Programmer's pane; the complete syntax for the function also is displayed.
  • Scripts running on a Domino server can be remotely debugged .
  • Breakpoints entered during a debugging session persist after the session completes and must be explicitly removed.
  • HTML code can be entered or modified in the Programmer's pane, and the results can be displayed.

Part I. Introduction to Release 6

Whats New in Release 6?

The Release 6 Object Store

The Integrated Development Environment

Part II. Foundations of Application Design

Forms Design

Advanced Form Design

Designing Views

Using Shared Resources in Domino Applications

Using the Page Designer

Creating Outlines

Adding Framesets to Domino Applications

Automating Your Application with Agents

Part III. Programming Domino Applications

Using the Formula Language

Real-World Examples Using the Formula Language

Writing LotusScript for Domino Applications

Real-World LotusScript Examples

Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

Real-World JavaScript Examples

Writing Java for Domino Applications

Real-World Java Examples

Enhancing Domino Applications for the Web

Part IV. Advanced Design Topics

Accessing Data with XML

Accessing Data with DECS and DCRs

Security and Domino Applications

Creating Workflow Applications

Analyzing Domino Applications

Part V. Appendices

Appendix A. HTML Reference

Appendix B. Domino URL Reference

Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Development
Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Development (2nd Edition)
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