Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

By Deborah Penny


  • What Is JavaScript?
  • JavaScript Is Not Java
  • JavaScript and the Domino IDE
  • The Document Object Model
  • JavaScript Support in Domino 6
  • When to Use JavaScript
  • A Look at JavaScript in Domino
  • JavaScript Libraries in Domino
  • JavaScript Principles 101
  • Syntax and Command Blocks
  • Statements
  • Output
  • Functions
  • Input Validation
  • Calculations
  • JavaScript Application

With the explosion of the World Wide Web in recent years, Web applications have become more interactive and users have become more demanding. This is quite different from the text-based newsgroups and FTP sites first served up by educational institution mainframes years ago. Technology and the Internet have certainly come a long way in two decades. With the onset of the Internet, several new programming languages came about, with JavaScript being one of them. Today JavaScript has not only become a frequently used buzzword by Internet-savvy users, but it also is now a scripting must among Internet developers. JavaScript is definitely a great asset to Web development and is now even more entwined in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in Domino 6.

This chapter gives you some background on JavaScript, details on its integration into Domino, and gets you started with JavaScript programming basics. Chapter 17, "Real-World JavaScript Examples," provides some great examples on real uses for JavaScript in Domino. Let's get started.

Part I. Introduction to Release 6

Whats New in Release 6?

The Release 6 Object Store

The Integrated Development Environment

Part II. Foundations of Application Design

Forms Design

Advanced Form Design

Designing Views

Using Shared Resources in Domino Applications

Using the Page Designer

Creating Outlines

Adding Framesets to Domino Applications

Automating Your Application with Agents

Part III. Programming Domino Applications

Using the Formula Language

Real-World Examples Using the Formula Language

Writing LotusScript for Domino Applications

Real-World LotusScript Examples

Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

Real-World JavaScript Examples

Writing Java for Domino Applications

Real-World Java Examples

Enhancing Domino Applications for the Web

Part IV. Advanced Design Topics

Accessing Data with XML

Accessing Data with DECS and DCRs

Security and Domino Applications

Creating Workflow Applications

Analyzing Domino Applications

Part V. Appendices

Appendix A. HTML Reference

Appendix B. Domino URL Reference

Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Development
Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Development (2nd Edition)
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