Frameset Tags

Frameset tags are included here largely for informational purposes because a frameset is a Domino design object. These are the tags used to split the browser window into frames , displaying different pages in each frame.

Type: Container



Description: Creates a frameset. Framesets can be defined by rows ( ROWS ) or by columns ( COLS ), but not by both. ROWS and COLS can be specified in pixels or percents.

Type: Standalone



Description: Used with to create a frame with content.

</tt> </h4> <p> Type: Container </p> <p> Syntax: </p> <pre> <IFRAME src="document url" NAME="name" FRAMEBORDER="01" WIDTH="value" HEIGHT="value" MARGINWIDTH="pixels" MARGINHEIGHT="pixels" NORESIZE SCROLLING="YES NO AUTO"> alternate text or image

Description: Produces a frame that floats on the page. Width and height can be specified in pixels or percentages.

Type: Container



Description: Used as an alternative for browsers that cannot display frames. The content between the beginning and ending tags frequently is a URL pointing to an alternate site.

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