Security and Domino Applications

By Dave Hatter


  • How Does Domino Security Work?
  • Enabling Physical Security
  • Setting Server Access
  • Database Access Control Lists
  • The Role of the Domino Directory in Application Security
  • ACL Privileges
  • Enabling Database Encryption
  • Using Roles
  • Implementing View-Level Security
  • Implementing Form-Level Security
  • Implementing Document-Level Security
  • Applying Field-Level Security
  • Hiding the Design of Your Application

For many years , Domino has provided one of the most comprehensive and robust security models available on any application development platform. Notes/Domino 6 continues in the nearly legendary tradition of its predecessors by providing a rich set of security features that meet the security requirements of even the most complex applications. Best of all, the tremendous power of Domino security is available in your applications with little, and in some cases, no coding required. If you're new to Domino but have worked with other development platforms, you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can build highly secure applications for even the most demanding security conscious environments.

Because this book is designed for application developers, this chapter isn't intended to provide comprehensive coverage of Notes/Domino security, which can and does fill entire books, such as Domino System Administration from New Riders. Rather, this chapter covers the information that developers need to build secure applications.


As an application developer, you might not have the authority necessary in the Domino Directory to change any or all the security related settings this chapter discusses. You might need to seek the assistance of a system administrator who is skilled in this area.

Part I. Introduction to Release 6

Whats New in Release 6?

The Release 6 Object Store

The Integrated Development Environment

Part II. Foundations of Application Design

Forms Design

Advanced Form Design

Designing Views

Using Shared Resources in Domino Applications

Using the Page Designer

Creating Outlines

Adding Framesets to Domino Applications

Automating Your Application with Agents

Part III. Programming Domino Applications

Using the Formula Language

Real-World Examples Using the Formula Language

Writing LotusScript for Domino Applications

Real-World LotusScript Examples

Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

Real-World JavaScript Examples

Writing Java for Domino Applications

Real-World Java Examples

Enhancing Domino Applications for the Web

Part IV. Advanced Design Topics

Accessing Data with XML

Accessing Data with DECS and DCRs

Security and Domino Applications

Creating Workflow Applications

Analyzing Domino Applications

Part V. Appendices

Appendix A. HTML Reference

Appendix B. Domino URL Reference

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