Appendix A. HTML Reference

By Steve Kern


  • Applet Tags
  • Document Tags
  • Formatting Tags
  • Frameset Tags
  • Hyperlink Tags

This reference is not meant to be a complete listing of HTML tags, but it is intended to cover tags that you might frequently use or that are otherwise interesting. For example, although you might have little need to use the applet or frameset tags, they are included for informational purposes. Tags such as those related to input and forms are not listed at all because Domino Designer handles those tags and because you will not likely create a form from scratch with input tags. Similarly, there is no reason to cover tables because tables are handled easily in Notes. You can always find the latest specifications at This is the URL for the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3), which is the group responsible for formalizing and standardizing the HTML language.

HTML tags are grouped in this appendix by their usage: applet, document, formatting, frames , and hyperlink. A tag's type (standalone or container), its syntax, and a brief description follow each tag name . My intention is to provide you with a quick, handy reference to locate tags that you might want to use. You can then research them further, as needed, on the Web.

Part I. Introduction to Release 6

Whats New in Release 6?

The Release 6 Object Store

The Integrated Development Environment

Part II. Foundations of Application Design

Forms Design

Advanced Form Design

Designing Views

Using Shared Resources in Domino Applications

Using the Page Designer

Creating Outlines

Adding Framesets to Domino Applications

Automating Your Application with Agents

Part III. Programming Domino Applications

Using the Formula Language

Real-World Examples Using the Formula Language

Writing LotusScript for Domino Applications

Real-World LotusScript Examples

Writing JavaScript for Domino Applications

Real-World JavaScript Examples

Writing Java for Domino Applications

Real-World Java Examples

Enhancing Domino Applications for the Web

Part IV. Advanced Design Topics

Accessing Data with XML

Accessing Data with DECS and DCRs

Security and Domino Applications

Creating Workflow Applications

Analyzing Domino Applications

Part V. Appendices

Appendix A. HTML Reference

Appendix B. Domino URL Reference

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