Appendix C. Operators

There are four groups of operators in VBScript: arithmetic, concatenation, comparison, and logical. You'll find some to be instantly recognizable, while others may be unfamiliar. However, if you have the need to use these types of operators, it is likely that you know the mathematics fundamentals behind them. We will look at each group of operators in turn before discussing the order of precedence VBScript uses when it encounters more than one type of operator within an expression.

Part I: The Basics


Program Structure

Data Types and Variables

Error Handling and Debugging

VBScript with Active Server Pages

Programming Outlook Forms

Windows Script Host 5.6

VBScript with Internet Explorer

Windows Script Components

Part II: Reference

Part III: Appendixes

Appendix A. Language Elements by Category

Appendix B. VBScript Constants

Appendix C. Operators

Appendix E. The Script Encoder

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