Changing Multiple Records

Sometimes the whole reason you performed a find is to change something in several records. If one of the companies you work with changes its name, you may have several records that need to be updated. The first step to fixing them is to find them. Once your found set includes the people at that company, you could change the Company Name field one record at a time (especially if you're billing by the hour). But a better use of your time is to use the Replace Field Contents command. Here's how it works:

  1. Click in the Company Name field (it doesn't matter which record), and correct the company name.

    You've just fixed one of the records. All the others in the found set need the same fix.

  2. Choose Records Replace Field Contents

    Figure 2-6. The Replace Field Contents dialog box has three options: "Replace with," "Replace with serial numbers," and "Replace with calculated result." The first option is the only one you're concerned with right now. It replaces the contents of the current field in every record in the found set with whatever is in the current record when you click Replace. (You'll learn about serial numbers in Chapter 3 and calculations in Chapter 9.)

  3. Click Replace

    FileMaker now updates the Company Name field in every record in the found set to match what you typed in the current record. When it's done, you're still sitting on the same record, but if you use the Book icon to click through the records, you'll see that they've all been changed.

Warning: The Replace Field Contents command can be dangerous. It really does change every record in the found set, even if that wasn't your intent. Make sure you're absolutely certain you have the right found set before clicking Replace. Once it's done, there's no Undo command.

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