This chapter is necessarily basic and is intended for readers new to Excel or with little Excel experience. Experienced users may skip this chapter without loss of continuity. The aim of this chapter is to get you acquainted with Excel's interface and the main features and capabilities that we'll use throughout the remainder of this book. I'm also going to show you several techniques that will help you create presentable spreadsheets and allow you to work efficiently in Excel. The techniques and features summarized in this chapter will be put to use in the recipes throughout the remainder of this book.

Using Excel

Getting Acquainted with Visual Basic for Applications

Collecting and Cleaning Up Data


Statistical Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Mathematical Functions

Curve Fitting and Regression

Solving Equations

Numerical Integration and Differentiation

Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

Solving Partial Differential Equations

Performing Optimization Analyses in Excel

Introduction to Financial Calculations


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