A. Review of Java

This appendix is intended as a review of basic Java. While it is not possible to stuff an entire CS1 course into one appendix, this should get the reader up to speed on material that may have been glossed over, omitted, or forgotten since the first course. It should be enough for anyone who has taken a first course in C/C++ to make the transition to Java. Object-oriented programming is not addressed herethat is the subject of the first three chapters of this book.

Part I: Object-Oriented Programming




Part II: Linear Structures

Stacks and Queues

Array-Based Structures

Linked Structures

Part III: Algorithms

Analysis of Algorithms

Searching and Sorting


Part IV: Trees and Sets



Part V: Advanced Topics

Advanced Linear Structures


Advanced Trees


Memory Management

Out to the Disk

Part VI: Appendices

A. Review of Java

B. Unified Modeling Language

C. Summation Formulae

D. Further Reading


Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
ISBN: 0131469142
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 216
Authors: Peter Drake

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