The Java Collections Framework Again

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Write an UnorderedList class which implements our Set interface but does not require that its generic type is Comparable.


Implement hash tables using chaining.


Implement the game of Geography (Figure 11-43). Your implementation should allow any number of people to play against the computer. You should be able to find a good list of city names by searching the web for files called cities.txt.

Figure 11-43. The game of Geography is a good way to pass the time on long voyages.


Players: 2 or more.

Object: To be the last player eliminated.

Play: The first player names a city. The next player then names another city which starts with the letter at the end of the previous city name. For example, the first player might say, 'Portland,' the next player 'Denver,' the next 'Raleigh,' and so on.

Elimination: A player is eliminated if she can't think of a suitable city or if she names a city that has already been used in the current game.

Part I: Object-Oriented Programming




Part II: Linear Structures

Stacks and Queues

Array-Based Structures

Linked Structures

Part III: Algorithms

Analysis of Algorithms

Searching and Sorting


Part IV: Trees and Sets



Part V: Advanced Topics

Advanced Linear Structures


Advanced Trees


Memory Management

Out to the Disk

Part VI: Appendices

A. Review of Java

B. Unified Modeling Language

C. Summation Formulae

D. Further Reading


Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
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