Monitoring and Troubleshooting the Transparent Firewall

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The transparent firewall feature is designed for security professionals who do not want to change existing address schemes, but still require a firewall to inspect all packets leaving a subnet. Cisco ASA integrates features like security contexts with the transparent firewall and, therefore, presents a complete solution to fit any design scenario. This chapter covered the architectural overview of the transparent firewall and provided detailed configuration guides to suit any network deployments. This chapter also provided two deployment scenarios to enforce learning and to show the robustness of this feature. Extensive show and debug commands were discussed to assist a network administrator in troubleshooting complicated transparent firewall deployments.

Part I: Product Overview

Introduction to Network Security

Product History

Hardware Overview

Part II: Firewall Solution

Initial Setup and System Maintenance

Network Access Control

IP Routing

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)

Application Inspection

Security Contexts

Transparent Firewalls

Failover and Redundancy

Quality of Service

Part III: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Solution

Intrusion Prevention System Integration

Configuring and Troubleshooting Cisco IPS Software via CLI

Part IV: Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution

Site-to-Site IPSec VPNs

Remote Access VPN

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Part V: Adaptive Security Device Manager

Introduction to ASDM

Firewall Management Using ASDM

IPS Management Using ASDM

VPN Management Using ASDM

Case Studies

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