Path Type

To put type on a path, use the Type on a Path tool (on the same tool space as the Type toolclick, hold down and slide across or press Shift+T). Type on a path is essentially a one-line paragraph. When you click an insertion point on an open path, the starting point of the text is determined by the paragraph's alignment.

You can change the text alignment using the standard alignment optionsleft, center, right. You can also change the starting point of the text by dragging the left or right I-beams that show up when you click the path with the Selection tool. Dragging these I-beams will shift the text to the left or the right accordingly.

Text on a Path can be threaded just like regular text, by clicking the In and Out ports that appear when you click the path with your Selection tool. They can even be included with normal text frames as part of a longer text thread.

Figure 18.14. Double-click the Type on a Path tool to bring up the Type on a Path Options.

Figure 18.15. Type on a path. The effect is enhanced in this case by selectively sizing the letters and adjusting the kerning.

Figure 18.16. A spiral (copied and pasted from Illustrator) used as a path shape.


Type on a Circle

To center text on the top of a circle, select the circle, then switch to the Type on a Path tool and click an insertion point on the bottom handle at the 6 o'clock position on the circle. Change the paragraph alignment to centered, and then type your text.

If you want text along the bottom of the circle:

  1. Enter the text along the top, then choose Type > Type on a Path > Options.
  2. Click the Flip checkbox.
  3. From the Align menu choose Ascender if you want the text to move downward, or Baseline if you want the text to move upward.

Figure 18.17. Type on a Circle.

Alternatively, if you want type at the top and bottom of the circle and you already have text at the top, copy the circle and then choose Edit > Paste in Place. You now have a duplicate of the text exactly on top of the original. Select the path of the top copy with the Selection toolyou'll see a perpendicular line in the middle of the path. Drag this line to the other side of the path and the text will flip over.

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