Numbered Lists

When you have numbered lists that mix one-, two-, and possibly three-digit numbers you'll need two tabs, combining the right alignment of the numbers and the left alignment of the text.

Figure 12.6. A numbered list before formatting (example A) and the same text using a right and a left tab (example B). Note that the periods after the numbers are redundant and have been removed. Using the Control palette or the PageMaker Toolbar to convert the text to a numbered list adds numbers before each paragraph, but does not add tabs or formatting. The numbers are staticthat is, they do not update should you change the order of the text.

Part I: Character Formats

Getting Started

Going with the Flow

Character Reference

Getting the Lead Out

Kern, Baby, Kern

Sweating the Small Stuff: Special Characters, White Space, and Glyphs

OpenType: The New Frontier in Font Technology

Part II: Paragraph Formats

Aligning Your Type

Paragraph Indents and Spacing

First Impressions: Creating Great Opening Paragraphs

Dont Fear the Hyphen

Mastering Tabs and Tables

Part III: Styles

Stylin with Paragraph and Character Styles

Mo Style

Part IV: Page Layout

Setting Up Your Document

Everything in Its Right Place: Using Grids

Text Wraps: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Type Effects

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