Ignoring Text Wrap

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As great as text wraps are, there are certain elements that you don't want to be affected by them. The most common scenario is when you put a caption directly below a photowithout the caption ignoring the text wrap it will be hard to impossible to position it close enough to the picture. The same applies whenever you have text overlapping a wrap object or a text-wrap offset. In such cases, the text disappearsit gets pushed out of the box by the text wrap, even though the text is on top of the image.

The solution? Select the caption frame and choose Object > Text Frame Options and turn on Ignore Text Wrap.

This can get tricky if you have a text frame that you want to conform to the text wrap of one object, but ignore the text wrap of another. This requires using the Pen tool and the Direct Selection tool to sculpt the text frame into the wrap shape.

  1. The Text Wrap palette is set to No Text Wrap.
  2. Using the Pen tool, two anchor points are added approximately where the wrapping object (the circle) overlaps the text frame.
  3. Using the Direct Selection tool, the top left anchor point is manipulated to reshape the text frame, causing the text to "wrap" around the circle shape. To convert the corner point into a curve point, hold Option (Alt) as you drag the point.

Figure 17.15. Ignoring a text wrap. Without this option the caption text would "disappear."

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