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Reports Do Not Save to Crystal Enterprise from Crystal Reports

When using the Push method, reports aren't saved to Crystal Enterprise. The user get an error message or nothing happens.

There are certain criteria that must be configured correctly for this method to work:

  • Check to ensure that you can access the Crystal Enterprise server. Try logging into the Crystal Management Console of the Web Desktop application.
  • Make sure the Windows domain that the user is logged into is the same as the one that the Crystal Enterprise Server belongs to or the user has cross-domain access.
  • This is a Windows-only method. It will not work with Enterprise Systems hosted on Unix systems.
  • The user needs to have sufficient rights to be able to publish. If this is the case, the system will notify the user accordingly.

Thumbnail Isn't Working

The user sets her Web Desktop to display as the thumbnail view; however, the reports do not display a thumbnail, rather a generic blue and white logo.

If Crystal Enterprise cannot find an associated thumbnail, the system will display this logo. In the Crystal Management Console locate the incorrect report by clicking the Objects icon. The Properties tab should display a thumbnail of the report; however, if this is not the case, try the following:

  • Check Show Report Thumbnail on the properties page of the report in the Crystal Management Console.
  • When saving the report, the data needs to be saved with the report. Select the Save Data with Report option from the File menu in Crystal Reports.
  • Ensure that the Save Preview Picture option is checked. This is located under Summary Info from the File menu in Crystal Reports.

Displaying Object Information

In the Web Desktop, an object's folder, title, and description can be displayed by hovering the mouse over the object, but all three pieces of information are not displaying.

Check the following:

  • Ensure that these fields are populated in the object properties under the Crystal Management Console.
  • Alternatively, the description field can be populated in Crystal Reports by completing the comments field found under Summary Info from the File menu in Crystal Reports.

Part I. Crystal Reports Design

Creating and Designing Basic Reports

Selecting and Grouping Data

Filtering, Sorting, and Summarizing Data

Understanding and Implementing Formulas

Implementing Parameters for Dynamic Reporting

Part II. Formatting Crystal Reports

Fundamentals of Report Formatting

Working with Report Sections

Visualizing Your Data with Charts and Maps

Custom Formatting Techniques

Part III. Advanced Crystal Reports Design

Using Cross-Tabs for Summarized Reporting

Using Record Selections and Alerts for Interactive Reporting

Using Subreports and Multi-Pass Reporting

Using Formulas and Custom Functions

Designing Effective Report Templates

Additional Data Sources for Crystal Reports

Multidimensional Reporting Against OLAP Data with Crystal Reports

Part IV. Enterprise Report Design Analytic, Web-based, and Excel Report Design

Introduction to Crystal Repository

Crystal Reports Semantic Layer Business Views

Creating Crystal Analysis Reports

Advanced Crystal Analysis Report Design

Ad-Hoc Application and Excel Plug-in for Ad-Hoc and Analytic Reporting

Part V. Web Report Distribution Using Crystal Enterprise

Introduction to Crystal Enterprise

Using Crystal Enterprise with Web Desktop

Crystal Enterprise Architecture

Planning Considerations When Deploying Crystal Enterprise

Deploying Crystal Enterprise in a Complex Network Environment

Administering and Configuring Crystal Enterprise

Part VI. Customized Report Distribution Using Crystal Reports Components

Java Reporting Components

Crystal Reports .NET Components

COM Reporting Components

Part VII. Customized Report Distribution Using Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition

Introduction to Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition

Crystal Enterprise Viewing Reports

Crystal Enterprise Embedded Report Modification and Creation

Part VIII. Customized Report Distribution Using Crystal Enterprise Professional

Introduction to the Crystal Enterprise Professional Object Model

Creating Enterprise Reports Applications with Crystal Enterprise Part I

Creating Enterprise Reporting Applications with Crystal Enterprise Part II

Appendix A. Using Sql Queries In Crystal Reports

Creating Enterprise Reporting Applications with Crystal Enterprise Part II

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Special Edition Using Crystal Reports 10
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