Hacks 6270: Introduction

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Hacks 6270 Introduction

So far, we've seen the power and ease with which Google Maps can show nearly anything on a map, from your vacation photos to a hypothetical nuclear explosion. Now it's time for us to take Google Maps hacks to the next level by adding whole new feature sets and APIs. In this chapter, we'll supplement the missing features of Google Maps in various ways, by turning street addresses into map coordinates, generating dynamic icons using Google's polyline service, adding new controls to bring in background imagery from around the 'Net, and even creating our own custom background tiles! These hacks go far above and beyond anything that even Google could have imagined or intended for Google Mapsthat's why we call them "Extreme Google Maps Hacks."

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Introducing the Google Maps API

Mashing Up Google Maps

On the Road with Google Maps

Google Maps in Words and Pictures

API Tips and Tricks

Extreme Google Maps Hacks

Google Maps Hacks
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