Hacks 5161: Introduction

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Hacks 5161 Introduction

The official Google Maps API makes a lot of things easy. Here are some hacks that push the API in new directions and extend the API with external libraries. Tricks such as filling your whole 21-inch flat panel display with a map, customizing your info windows with an embedded map the way the driving directions work, and integrating Flash with your maps.

You can even add custom labels and photographs on top of your Google Maps. Perhaps this technique reaches the height of elegance (absurdity?) when used to compare the size of Burning Man with New York's Central Park.

The chapter ends with several tricks to allow you to use one developer's key for multiple domains and directories. Do you really want to manage multiple keys because you have the domain http://mydomain.com and you serve the same pages from it and http://www.mydomain.com? I didn't think so!

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Introducing the Google Maps API

Mashing Up Google Maps

On the Road with Google Maps

Google Maps in Words and Pictures

API Tips and Tricks

Extreme Google Maps Hacks

Google Maps Hacks
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