Assigning COR Lists with SRST

When you are running SRST, you assign COR lists to your IP phones under the callmanager fallback configuration. You are limited to 20 incoming and 20 outgoing COR lists in SRST mode, but you can assign ranges of numbers to a list. If you plan your number assignments carefully, you should be able to accommodate all of your calling permissions.

You can also assign a default COR list in SRST mode. Any number that is not explicitly assigned to a COR list will be assigned to the default COR list. If the majority of your users will have the same privileges, you can assign them the same COR list even if the numbers are not consecutive.

In Example 12-1, IP phones with extensions 4005 through 4009 are assigned to the Employees COR list that is defined in Step 2 of the "Implementing COR" section, so employees will be able to make calls to local numbers and to mobile numbers. Extension 4010 is assigned to the Managers COR list created in Step 2 of the "Implementing COR" section, so managers will be able to make calls to local, mobile, and long-distance numbers. Extension 4050 is assigned to the Executives COR list, so executives will be able to make calls to local, mobile, long-distance, and international numbers. All other SRST phones will be assigned the default LobbyPhones COR list, which allows only local calls.

Example 12-1. Assigning Incoming COR Lists in SRST

Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#ip source address port 2000
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#max-phones 8
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#max-dns 16
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#cor incoming LobbyPhones default
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#cor incoming Employees 1 4005 - 4009
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#cor incoming Managers 2 4010
Leeds(config-cm-fallback)#cor incoming Executives 3 4050

Assigning COR Lists with Cisco CallManager Express

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