Restrictions and Caveats

You need to keep several important restrictions in mind when you are applying or developing applications:

  • To collect digits over an IP call leg, configure DTMF-Relay.
  • RTSP multicast is not supported.
  • Tcl IVR 1.0 and Tcl IVR 2.0 are not compatible.
  • For VoiceXML, the web server must support HTTP 1.1.
  • Load Dynamic VoiceXML documents by using HTTP. Using FTP or TFTP impacts performance.
  • VoiceXML does not support ISDN Overlap signaling.
  • You cannot apply applications to CallManager-controlled Multiple Gateway Control Point (MGCP) gateways.
  • The SRST and CME AA scripts only work on POTS dial peers. They do not support calls from IP phones.

Part I: Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers

Gateways and Gatekeepers

Part II: Gateways

Media Gateway Control Protocol


Session Initiation Protocol

Circuit Options

Connecting to the PSTN

Connecting to PBXs

Connecting to an IP WAN

Dial Plans

Digit Manipulation

Influencing Path Selection

Configuring Class of Restrictions

SRST and MGCP Gateway Fallback

DSP Resources

Using Tcl Scripts and VoiceXML

Part III: Gatekeepers

Deploying Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper Configuration

Part IV: IP-to-IP Gateways

Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway

Appendix A. Answers to Chapter-Ending Review Questions


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