Implementing the AA Tcl Script

Figure 15-3 shows the call flow that is associated with the AA script for CME.

Figure 15-3. CME AA Call Flow

The script takes the following actions when a call matches the incoming dial peer that is configured with the AA script:

  • A caller places a call to the AA pilot number.
  • The script plays Prompt en_welcome.au, thanking the caller. Then it plays Prompt en_enter_dest.au, asking the caller to enter an extension.
  • If the caller enters no digits or presses 0, the script transfers the call to the operator extension that is configured in the command-line interface (CLI).
  • If the caller enters an invalid destination, the script plays en_reenter_dest.au prompt, asking the caller to reenter the destination. The script repeats this up to three times. After the third time, the script plays en_disconnect.au prompt and disconnects the call.
  • If the caller enters a valid extension, the script transfers the call.
  • If the extension is busy, the script plays the en_dest_busy.au prompt, asking the caller to enter a different extension or try the call at a later time.
  • If the extension is unreachable, the script plays the en_dest_unreachable.au prompt, asking the caller to enter a different extension or try the call at a later time.

Example 15-1 illustrates the configuration required to load the Tcl AA script for CME from the flash of the router.

Example 15-1. Loading the Tcl AA Script for SRST

Miami#config t
! Load the AA script from flash
Miami(config-app)#service aa flash:its_CISCO.
! Configure the AA parameters that are associated with the English package
Miami(config-app-param)#paramspace english language en
Miami(config-app-param)#paramspace english location flash:
Miami(config-app-param)#paramspace english prefix en
Miami(config-app-param)#paramspace english index 1
!Configure the AA application local parameters
Miami(config-app-param)#param operator 150
Miami(config-app-param)#param aa-pilot 100
! Apply the AA script to the dial peer
Miami(config)#dial-peer voice 100 pots
Miami(config-dial-peer)#incoming called-number 100
Miami(config-dial-peer)#service aa
Miami(config-dial-peer)#port 1/0/0:1

Example 15-2 illustrates the configuration required to load the Tcl AA script for CME prior to Cisco IOS Release 12.3(14)T. The dial peer configuration is the same as in Example 15-1.

Example 15-2. Loading the Tcl AA Script Prior to Cisco IOS Release 12.3(14)T

Miami#config t
Miami(config)#call application voice aa flash:its_CISCO.
Miami(config)#call application voice aa language 1 en
Miami(config)#call application voice aa operator 150
Miami(config)#call application voice aa aa-pilot 100
Miami(config)#call application voice aa set-location en 1 flash:

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