Case Study: Add DSP Resources to the Miami Gateway

Table of contents:

Review Questions


What is the purpose of a DSPFarm Profile?


When is a DSP needed for an MTP?


What is the default codec complexity for a C5510 DSP?


What is the major difference in the way C549 and C5510 DSPs handle voice termination?


You need to terminate 14 G.711 calls, provide transcoding for 6 G.729a to G.711 calls, and support 5 G.711 conference sessions with up to eight participants in each conference. What is the minimum number of DSPs required?


You need to support one mixed-mode conference with up to eight participants. How should you configure the maximum sessions under the conference profile?


Describe two benefits of DSP sharing.


Your ISR 2811 has an NM-HDV with five PVDM-12s and two PVDM2-48s installed on the main board. The NM-HDV is configured for medium complexity and has one E1 voice port. There are also two E1 voice ports in HWIC slots. What is the maximum number of G.711 conferences that you can support with the extra DSPs?

Part I: Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers

Gateways and Gatekeepers

Part II: Gateways

Media Gateway Control Protocol


Session Initiation Protocol

Circuit Options

Connecting to the PSTN

Connecting to PBXs

Connecting to an IP WAN

Dial Plans

Digit Manipulation

Influencing Path Selection

Configuring Class of Restrictions

SRST and MGCP Gateway Fallback

DSP Resources

Using Tcl Scripts and VoiceXML

Part III: Gatekeepers

Deploying Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper Configuration

Part IV: IP-to-IP Gateways

Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway

Appendix A. Answers to Chapter-Ending Review Questions


Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers
Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers
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